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Bulldog Interviews

Aug 25, 2021

The team is making progress slowly but hoping that things will pick up soon. In this zoom call, Jim, Tony, Matt, and Kevin catch up with each other and talk about the next steps.

Jan 22, 2020

Jim Bourke and project historian Matthew Lawlor interview Bob Hall’s son, Eric Hall. Get to know Bob Hall through the words of his son with many interesting stories about this famous and prolific aircraft designer.

Nov 24, 2020

Knife Edge Software 3d artist Josh Trevisiol has been working on a computer analysis of all the period photos and the various drawings we’ve uncovered of the Hall Bulldog. Jim and Tony check in with him and review his progress.

Jul 30, 2020

The Hall Bulldog Project interviews Kevin Kimball. Keviin talks about his experience building an earlier Bob Hall design, the Gee Bee Z, and the team discusses the history and engineering of both aircraft.

Aug 11, 2020

Jim and Matt, the Hall Bulldog Project’s historian, discuss the history of the Bowles Agawam airport, where the Bulldog was designed and built. Matt shares his knowledge about the flight tests of the aircraft, the people surrounding it, and Jim learns the true story of what happened after the races.

Latest Updates

It’s been awhile since we’ve had an update but we are still making project. We’ve enlisted Mirco Pecorari, owner of Aircraft Studio Design, to help solve some of the problems we’ve found with the period drawings. Mirco’s conclusions agree with what we observed, that in the […]
Hey everyone just wanted to say that I am getting questions like “When will you be done?” and “Can we see some progress pics?” When we originally set out on this project we hoped to be done this year, but that’s obviously not going to happen […]
The team (minus Matthew Lawlor) at Fantasy of Flight. Don’t forget to join the official Hall Bulldog Project Facebook group and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!
New CAD file from Kevin Kimball. Slowly but surely. Don’t forget to join the official Hall Bulldog Project Facebook group and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!
Russ Thaw age 7
Russ Thaw was in the public eye from the day he was born. The son of Millionaire Harry Kendal Thaw and the original supermodel /actress Evelyn Nesbit. As a child Thaw appeared in 6 silent movies alongside his mother. Unfortunately all copies of these films have […]
Bricks from the "Big Hangar"
Another package from project historian Matthew Lawlor: these are bricks from the “Big Hangar” at Bowles-Agawam airport. Very nice additions to my collection of golden age racing memorabilia. Thanks Matt! Don’t forget to join the official Hall Bulldog Project Facebook group and subscribe to our YouTube […]
Something super cool came in from project historian Matthew Lawlor and the New England Air Museum. Fabric and a trim wheel which were found in a corner of the museum in a box marked Hall Bulldog. We likely have original parts from the aircraft and are […]
Russ Thaw earned his pilots license in April of 1929. By early 1931 he was participating in low horsepower air races. He’s shown here in February 1931 after winning $500 in a race from Roosevelt Field, NY to Newark, NJ and back. Successful races like this […]