The original Bulldog’s home, then and now. The two black and white images were taken in May of 1931, when the US Army Air Corps visited Bowles Airport with over 400 aircraft. This is how the airfield appeared when Bob Hall was building the Bulldog in 1932. A large hangar in the northeast corner of the 360 acre property, 4 hardened runways connected by a circular taxiway.

The color images are 3D views from Google of the same site today. Bowles Airport went through a number of changes of during the 50 years of it’s existence. At one point in the late 1930’s it was partially converted into a horse racing track. After WWII the runways were reorganized into a more traditional layout By the early 1980’s the town of Agawam decided to redevelop the property and turn it into an industrial park.

If you live in the area, the old airfield was situated between Shoemaker Lane and Silver Street in Agawam, MA. The hanger stood on what is now the Millennium Press parking lot near the intersection of Silver St and Garden St.

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