A thought from Jim about the engine:

“We are mulling over our engine options. It’s not possible to exactly replicate the special engine and propeller used on the Bulldog. From the beginning I’ve had my heart set on using a 1340 with at least 600hp. Maybe we can even find a way to get a bit more hp. But honestly the 985 with 450 hp is a more sane choice. Lighter weight. Less fuel burned. And I calculate only at most a 15% difference in top speed. For an airshow the 985 is probably a better choice. Anyone out there have any thoughts while I chew on this? Of course if the plane won’t balance without a 1340 then that’s what we will do but we think we can make a 985 work. The 985 weighs about 700 pounds and the 1340 about 1100.”

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