Visit our Facebook page to check out the latest rendering from Kevin Kimball and Mirco Pecorari, […]
We just received the latest report from Mirco Pecorari, where he describes some of the techniques […]
It’s been awhile since we’ve had an update but we are still making project. We’ve enlisted […]
Hey everyone just wanted to say that I am getting questions like “When will you be […]
New CAD file from Kevin Kimball. Slowly but surely. Don’t forget to join the official Hall […]
The Hall Bulldog Project just received a wonderful gift from the family of historian Vern Clements. […]
Pics of the latest work on the Bulldog replica from Jim! Don’t forget to join the […]
A new rendering of the wing design and spars by Kevin Kimball. We had a great […]
A thought from Jim about the engine: “We are mulling over our engine options. It’s not […]
The Hall Bulldog Project received a nice writeup in General Aviation News: Recreating the Hall Bulldog […]
More wood parts off the CNC machine from Tony Horvath Don’t forget to join the official […]
1200 half round gussets! Don’t forget to join the official Hall Bulldog Project Facebook group and […]